The GreenStar EMS not only slashes utility costs, it also reduces your carbon footprint, typically equivalent to the stated energy savings.  A GreenStar client is an environmentally responsible Green Hotel.




The equipment comprising the GreenStar EMS is manufactured and assembled in the U.S. Rigorous quality control and quality assurance procedures are performed on all products under strict Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) and Underwriter’s Laboratories (“UL”) standards before they are delivered to the client.




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Whatever you spend on energy is too much!

Let GreenStar show you how a hotel energy management solution can save you money on energy costs at absolutely no capital or operating cost to your owners or hotel property. The energy savings will be in addition to your current initiatives.

Join the many satisfied hotel clients by contacting GreenStar—we are confident a few minutes on this web site will be extremely useful in making decisions regarding the ever-increasing importance of hotel energy management. Join us and make your competitors green with envy.

Hotel Energy Management Systems

A key economic strategy for the hospitality industry is the implementation of hotel energy management systems. With the continual rising cost of energy, it is a crucial time for hotels that want to survive into the future to consider the many benefits of a hotel energy management program. There are many effective ways for hotels to practice energy management, and our goal has been to remove barriers to entry so that hotels can easily implement energy conservation strategies to maximize the amount of energy that is saved.

One of the greatest areas of hotel energy consumption are guest-controlled electrical and HVAC systems. Guests commonly turn their thermostats to the maximum possible temperature setting to cool down their rooms in the summer in and warm them in the winter. When guests leave their rooms, the thermostat will remain set, running the HVAC unit throughout the day, during the time the room is unoccupied, unnecessarily increasing hotel energy consumption.

Green Star Hotel Energy Solutions

With GreenStar, the guest activates the room's Master Control Switch by inserting their keycard into an illuminated slot upon entry. This engages an RF transmitter that sets the entire room to “occupied” mode. The guest then has control of the room’s electrical and HVAC systems. When the guest leaves, they remove their keycard, and after a 30-second delay, a different RF transmission is sent to all the active room components, such as thermostats, wall switches, wall plugs, and PTAC control units, setting the system to the “unoccupied” mode. The central control will then change the settings on the room’s thermostat to save energy. Upon return, the RF transmitter is triggered and the guest regains control of the HVAC system.

Implementing this hotel energy management technology can mean enormous hotel energy savings, and guests themselves become partners in reducing a hotel's energy consumption. With the GreenStar energy savings program, hotels incur absolutely no upfront capital or operating expenditure. We offer a 5-year warranty on replacement parts and equipment and our installations qualify for the EPA's Energy Star rating. Contact us today to see how GreenStar can reduce your guest room energy usage by 25 - 45% depending on hotel demographics.